We Advocate

On June 15th, 2022, we launched our affiliated advocacy organization, The Kansas Birth Justice Action Fund. Kansas Birth Justice Action Fund is a 501c4 organization tasked with advocacy and activism around the cause of Birth Justice. Visit the dedicated website and learn more about Kansas Birth Justice Action Fund below.


History of Our Advocacy Work

From the beginning of Kansas Birth Justice Society’s existence, we have made advocacy central to our work. We recognized that treating the downstream symptoms of systemic inequities would never truly solve the crisis- that could only happen by rooting out the causes of the inequities and advocating for substantial systemic changes.

Kansas Birth Justice Society (formerly known as Wichita Birth Justice Society) has led and participated in several efforts to push for systemic changes that would preserve the lives of mothers and infants of color in Kansas.

One of these efforts was the co-creation of Kansas Senate Bill 42, a bill concerning the investigation of maternal mortality had a hearing in the Public Health and Welfare Committee in January of 2022. The bill was written in collaboration with Dr. Sharla Smith of the Kansas Birth Equity Network. If passed, the bill would save lives of moms by adding additional accountability and performance measures surrounding maternal deaths in Kansas.

Past Advocacy Work

On March 3th 2020, we led the first annual Day of Action for Black Parents and Babies, a state wide day of collective action to end the high rates of Black parents and babies in Kansas dying around the time of childbirth. A citywide Day of Recognition was declared by Mayor Brandon Whipple in Wichita, Kansas on March 3rd, 2020. Kansans from all around the state joined us in contacting elected representatives in support of SB42/HB2108 and in raising awareness of the crisis.

Stay tuned for future advocacy efforts!