Interested in Connecting With a Doula for Your Baby’s Birth?

The Neighborhood Doula Advocates program provides accessible culturally-affirming doula services to Black, Latinx and Indigenous birth givers in the Wichita area. The program offers advocacy, childbirth education, hands-on doula support during labor and more!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The program launch for the Neighborhood Doula Advocates was temporarily delayed due to restrictions related to Covid-19. The official application for doula services is now open. We are accepting applications for doula services for individuals who have due dates on or after February 1st, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive doula services through this program?

The Neighborhood Doula Advocates are specially trained to support the cultural and social needs of pregnant people who identify as Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American, or Latino/Hispanic/Chicano. Please apply early in your pregnancy! We accept applications from individuals who are less than 32 weeks pregnant at the time of the application submission.

If I don’t identify as one of the ethnicities listed, can I still receive doula services?

The Neighborhood Doula Advocates program was specifically designed to reduce the disproportionately high rates of health complications and fatalities experienced by Black/African American, Indigenous/Native American and Latino/Hispanic/Chicano babies and birth givers around the time of childbirth.

We encourage all pregnant people to seek out doula care that meets their specific needs. Those searching for private doula services who don’t qualify for the Neighborhood Doula Advocates program can find a directory of doulas available for hire here. (Please note, the Doula Match page is not associated with Wichita Birth Justice Society.)

What services do the doulas offer?

Individuals approved for doula services receive (3) prenatal support appointments, doula support during birth, (3) support appointments after the baby is born, and breastfeeding support.

How much does it cost to have a doula through this program?

The cost of doula services with our certified doulas ranges from $100-$900 and is adjusted based on your household income level. We strive to provide the highest quality care from our certified doulas at a cost that is affordable to all families regardless of their income level. We offer adjusted costs because we believe that doula care should be accessible to Black and Brown families regardless of the family’s financial means.