Meet Antoinnette!

My name is Antoinnette and I’m proud to serve my community as a doula. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful children who keep me busy! I have also been a registered nurse for over five years- with experience working in oncology, med/surg, ICU, telemetry, in-clinic, home health, rehab endoscopy, hospice and more. I love being a nurse! Without the good Lord guiding my path, none of this would be possible. He gives me strength in unimaginable ways. He’s an awesome God!

What led me to becoming a doula? Initially, going into nursing school, I wanted to work in labor and delivery. Although I was offered a position, I didn’t take the offer. Now that I have experience in the world of birth, I’m glad I didn’t take the position because I don’t think it would have allowed me to be the type of advocate that I myself would have desired for my births. Having experienced what it’s like to have a doula with my second child’s birth, it made me realize how much of a difference skilled advocacy and doula care can make. It was a truly beautiful experience! I want to be able to share this same level of care with all of the clients that I serve!