Meet Ashley!

Thanks so much for viewing my profile. I am a Wichita native with the passion to bring what I have learned throughout my travels to other states back to Wichita. I have been working in the healthcare setting as an LPN for the last 7 years with the last 4 of those as a travel nurse. I have been able to help bring better care to those that I serve through my knowledge of best practices, being a patient advocate and speaking openly and honestly with those that I take care of to learn of their wishes and desired healthcare outcomes.

Whether you have had a doula before or if this will be your first time, we will make this experience personal to you and for you. As your doula, together you and I will make a birthing plan. You will share with me what your ideal birth looks and feels like and what it doesn’t. I will help to support and empower you and your wishes throughout this journey as your professional birth worker.

Congratulations on your new journey. Together we will work side by side not just to arrive to the destination, but to enjoy the journey and the gift that awaits you and your family. Be blessed!