Meet Latisha!


If you are reading this, then I first SALUTE you!! You are taking the first step in advocating for yourself by realizing the importance of having a Doula, a sister companion right there with you as you embark on one of the most memorable energy exchanges earth side!!

If your due date and our energies align, I would be honored to be your trained, professional companion as you journey through pregnancy, delivery and the post-partum experience. I am energy driven, spiritually grounded and guided in an abundance of love, light and truth. A few truths about me: I am the MOTHER of an exceptional young lady, Amira who is forging her own beautiful path of life. I am so grateful God chose me to be the vessel that carried, birthed and raised her. I am a firm believer in the totality of love, forgiveness and righteousness of Jesus Christ. I enjoy mindfulness, yoga, flowers, essential oils, baking, dancing and the sound of water. As your Doula I offer my education, experiences, strength, voice, joy, along with physical and emotional support. I am passionate about empowerment through self-advocacy. Knowledge is truly powerful. I honor you for seeking knowledge on ways a Doula can support, assist, and guide you on the birthing journey of your choice.