Neighborhood Doula Advocates

Welcome to the Neighborhood Doula Advocates Home Page!

We are proud to be Wichita’s VERY FIRST team of doulas of color. We are on a mission to help our community overcome the tragically high rates of maternal and infant health complications & deaths that disproportionately impact Black, Latinx and Indigenous families.

Program services will begin in February of 2022. You can apply HERE.

Meet the Neighborhood Doula Advocates!

The Neighborhood Doula Advocates are specially trained to support Black, Latinx and Indigenous families through pregnancy and birth. We are armed with knowledge and excited to support our community’s birth giving families! For more information about each doula, click on their profile below.

Doula Availability

The Neighborhood Doula Advocates are available for clients with due dates in the months shown. Availability is subject to change.

We will officially launch the Neighborhood Doula Advocates program on January 30th, 2021 and will begin seeing clients who have FEBRUARY or later due dates.