Meet Vanessa!

“I support you in your decision on how you want to birth.” This is my motto that I have lived and loved by since starting in the OBGYN field. I am a newly trained birth and postpartum Doula with 14 years of OBGYN skills as a Medical Assistant. I graduated with my MA diploma in 2007 and I am CPR certified. My patients and previous Certified Nurse Midwives say I have “empathic special touch for caring for others.”  I am a parent of a beautiful teenage daughter, Selena, who has been an amazing volleyball player for at least 6 years. We also have an 11-year-old dog, Max.

 I have been in love with the medical field since I was a little girl, but I also love photography and music. Lately, I have been really involved with learning how our bodies were made to deliver in their own design and adjust for childbirth. All we have to do is listen to our bodies and they will let us know! That is also where I come in. I want to help YOU tune into your intuition to have the best possible birth. I want to inform you about YOUR options and choices. I have the tools and techniques to help ease your discomfort. I want you to know that you are strong, you are not alone, and you are made for this! I am very passionate about helping others. I want to help ease your fears and worries. You have choices. Most importantly, you are brave!