Milky Way Lactation Lounge & Clinic

The Milky Way Lactation Lounge & Clinic is your go-to resource for help with breastfeeding challenges. The Clinic is located at our Birth Justice Center in Wichita, Kansas. Book your appointment HERE!

Who can book an appointment?

We are the only lactation clinic this side of Kansas that is staffed by Black and Brown lactation professionals and we specialize in providing culturally affirming care to Black, Latina, and Native American individuals in the Wichita area.

Whether you think your milk supply is dropping or breastfeeding is hurting, we have trained lactation counselors who can help you find solutions.

What kind of breastfeeding issues can we handle in our clinic? Basically ANYTHING! Our breastfeeding educators, certified lactation counselors, or our on-staff international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) who sees clients by telemedicine appointment can help you with whatever lactation issue you may be having. For example, we can help you with:

*Low milk supply

*Painful latch/Sore nipples

*Troubleshooting pumping

*Making a plan for pumping when you return to work

*Clogged ducts or painful breasts

*Relactating (starting to produce milk again after stopping)

*Many other issues!

Cost: We do not take insurance and operate on limited grant funding. Donations of any amount between $10 and $100 are encouraged, but not mandatory. The value of this service is $100 per session, plus the cost of materials. Your donation is 100% tax deductible and helps ensure that we can continue offering this important service to our community!