We Serve & Support

Wichita Birth Justice Society serves and supports Black, Indigenous, and Latino families, who are multiple times more likely to experience a maternal or infant loss than their white neighbors. We provide accessible doula support through the Neighborhood Doula Advocates Program and plan to begin offering Parent Gathering Circles to support families in cultivating wellness during pregnancy, birth and baby’s first years.

Neighborhood Doula Advocates Program

The Neighborhood Doula Advocates are knowledgeable community-based doulas who serve families during pregnancy/birth and through their baby’s first years. They bring their expertise about babies, birth and breastfeeding to families so they can have a more satisfying, empowered start in life together. What can a doula do for you? Read on to learn more.

What does a doula do?

  • Helps you write a birth plan that outlines your birth preferences.
  • Shares knowledge about birth, babies and breastfeeding.
  • Advocates for you.
  • Provides non-medical comfort measures and information to you and your family during your baby’s birth.
  • Supports you in your breastfeeding journey.

Doulas are an evidence-based strategy to increase maternal and infant health & wellness. They work to decrease rates of preterm labor, facilitate physiologic (natural) birth, and provide timely advocacy. Doulas are essential for every birth giving family!”- Sapphire Garcia-Lies, Founder of Wichita Birth Justice Society

Parent Circles

Join us for Parent Gathering Circles- a chance to connect with other local parents and unwind. Bring your babies and enjoy gathering around hot topics in birth and breastfeeding.

This is a sacred safe space for Black, Indigenous and Latinx families to come together and share our common experiences, challenges and victories.

Coming soon! Stay tuned for details.

Past Initiatives

Sacred Days Doula Service was an early pilot project of the Wichita Birth Justice Society. The project, aimed at increasing the health and wellness of parents of color in Wichita, was well-received and praised within the Wichita community for providing vital support to new parents. Program data showed a sharp decrease in cesarean section deliveries, preterm labor and pregnancy complications when parents were supported with no-cost culturally affirming doula care.